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Domestic electrical services

We offer a full range of domestic electrical services from EV charging point through to Home Security System installation. See the details below

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Domestic Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installation

We are OZEV approved to install electric vehicle charging points throughout the UK
We have a dedicated website to Electric Vehicle Charge Points which contains all the information you need
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Domestic Electrical Services

At Ranger Electrical Services, we provide a comprehensive range of electrical services to meet diverse needs of clients across a variety of sectors. Whatever your requirements are, we can provide the safest and the most ethical solutions for you
Our reactive maintenance services combined with complete after-care ensure customers installations are maintained with good operating conditions
We have vast experience in working on numerous types of projects all with different specifications. Whilst our professional engineers meet your electrical needs, we also cause minimum disruption to your household operations. Our prompt and well-priced services also keep you within the guidelines of the most up-to-date laws and legislations
Our domestic electrical services include:
  • Rewiring/Additional Wiring
  • Digital TV Aerial Installation
  • Satellite Installation
  • General Electrical Installation and Maintenance Work
  • CCTV and Security Alarm Installation
  • Smart Home Installations
  • New Build Electrical Services
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Domestic LED Lighting Installation

During the last few years, LED lighting has revolutionised the lighting industry due to its incredible energy efficiency and cost savings
LED lighting can be used effectively throughout your home
It can provide focus to certain areas for example LED downlights can be fitted in the kitchen ceiling and even on the floor
LED lights can also be installed in many rooms such as the bathroom, living room, stairs, bedroom etc
Exterior LED lighting is also a fantastic way to illuminate and transform the look of your property. Gardens in particular benefit from this form of lighting
If you are considering installing LED lighting in your home and would like advice, please contact us for further information or to arrange a free quote
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Domestic TV, Satellite & AV Installation

Aerial & Satellite System Installation Services
  • Whether you need simple aerial installation or a complex system, we can integrate high quality systems in your home which deliver and provide you complete satisfaction. Our extensive experience enables us to provide bespoke solutions across a wide variety of properties
AV System Installation Services
  • Our AV system installation services can change your audio-visual experience completely. We can bring your entertainment area to life or enjoy an amazing home theatre experience without burning a hole in your pocket. Our high-quality AV installation projects are enriched with:
    • Sophisticated systems and equipment
    • High-definition and the most up-to-date technology
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Domestic Alarm & Security Installation

We offer world-class solutions for the supply, installation, and maintenance of alarm systems by combining state of the art technology with proven techniques
When it comes to ensuring the optimal safety of your home, our alarm & security services deliver. Our services include everything you need to prevent unexpected and unethical activities
Strengthen the overall security of your home by installing alarm and security systems. From CCTV installation to fire alarm installation, we offer a range of services to meet the security needs of individual homeowners
Here is what to expect from our domestic alarm and security services:
  • Maximum protection for your family and possessions
  • Customised security solutions to fit your needs
  • 24×7 protection for your property
  • Smart home security anywhere, anytime
At Ranger Electrical Services, we are committed to providing security services that are second to none. We evaluate the security risks present at your property and build outstanding solutions to guarantee you complete peace of mind. Our services include:
  • End-to-end security solutions
  • Supply and installation of high-quality products to offer excellent security
  • Service and maintenance of new installations and existing systems
  • Remote monitoring for smart security
  • Cost-effective protection with continuous maintenance and support
Fire Alarms
  • Ranger Electrical Services can design and install bespoke fire alarm systems. Each alarm is designed on an individual basis to suit you. From design to completion, our qualified security professionals control the process every step of the way. We can provide every kind of fire alarm solution from basic units through to more complex analogue detectors.
Need alarm and security services for your home? Contact us today!
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Domestic Electrical Gate Installation

Ranger Electrical Services is all set to enhance the level of security at your property with a variety of electric gates. Whether automated or not, an electric gate can offer immense safety and security to domestic properties
We can help you with both supply and installation of high-quality gates powered by an electric mechanism. All our team members are highly knowledgeable and extremely skilled in dealing with the installation of electric gates
Like our regular end-to-end electrical services, our all-inclusive electric gate services also help customers find and install the right products for their specific applications. The key points of our services include:
  • Supplying an extensive range of gates and installing them to suit the requirements of clients
  • Offering gate installation as part of our domestic electrical service
  • Providing service and maintenance support for gates that are already installed at domestic properties
We offer a multitude of options to meet your electric gate needs. We understand the unique requirements of each customer and focus on their personal preferences in order to deliver custom-made solutions to them. Here is what we can offer to you:
  • Choose from a variety of styles (articulated, underground, sliding, etc.) to fit your needs
  • Find the most suitable material (metal or wooden)
  • Pick a gate of your preferred colour and design
  • Decide on the appropriate access control system for your gate
We have a team of multi-skilled professionals, who are adept at delivering the safest as well as the most effective solutions for the electric gate needs of our customers. Here is what you need to know about our team:
  • Professional engineers with vast knowledge and skills about installation and working procedure of electric gates
  • Each of them are fully trained to deliver work to the highest standards
  • Following the latest health and safety guidelines to make installation safe, secure, and efficient
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